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Just doodlin' more Fortagia by xXCutiePieLuvXx
Just doodlin' more Fortagia
Yeah, basically what the title says.

But 3 deviations in a single day that aren't sketches? That's a new academy record for me.

Don't expect me to ever do this again.
I have no title for this. by xXCutiePieLuvXx
I have no title for this.
It's literally just a drawing of Forty sleeping that didn't take long.
So yeah.

Not meant to be good.
Just showin' that I'm alive.
Corruption by xXCutiePieLuvXx
So yeah. Corrupted!Fortagia [Possibly AU] has descending in shade red eyes.
deal with it.

Don't ask why I drew this.

I guess this is kinda gorey.
I lied. Sorta.
It's not really depressing, I'm just trying to get a point across.

Okay so, basically, one of my friends' Facebook posts appeared on my homepage when I checked it today.
The line project. And it got me to thinking.
I've been bullied. I've been a bully. I see people around me get bullied everyday. And yet, people just ignore it like it's not a big deal at all... And it's wrong.

Where I attend my education, your popularity isn't based on how many friends you have, or how nice you are to people. It's based on your fucking appearance. Really. People are that shallow, and it irritates me so much to think that people are being bullied just because they don't look exactly like everyone else. It's sick, and it's wrong. And I want it to stop.
It happens to me all the time. And if someone reading this has bullied me:
~ I can hear you in the bathroom stalls, shouting my name and things about me to your friend.
~ I can hear you whisper about me in the classroom.
~ I can see you pointing at me and laughing during break and lunch.
~ And I can tell that you're trying to pull my friends away from me, to get rid of my only support.
It disgusts me. You disgust me, and honestly I hope that the same thing happens to you someday, just so you can know how painful it is to be bullied. {Not if you haven't done anything... 'Cause that's just mean.} It causes so much damage to people, maybe even physically if they move onto self harming, and in the long run, it could be what kills them. YOU could be what drives people to committing suicide and being one of those sad stories that appears in the news. You will be responsible for that person's death...
That had better make you feel something, otherwise you are a heartless jerk.
I get that people make mistakes, but if you're making the same mistakes over and over and over again, then no one is ever going to want to forgive you for the evil in which you have done.

Just think.
Not about yourself, but about others.
And if you support this, at least make a status update ANYWHERE about it.
Millions of people are gone, but there are still millions who can be saved.

It all starts with one event.
I want to live in a world where we don't have to be afraid of our own friends.
And only we can make it happen.
Support the line project.
Make a victim's dream a reality.


On December 15-20th, draw 6 lines with Sharpies. If you self harm, are depressed, feeling down, then do this on your left wrist. If you are supporting this cause, then do this on your right wrist. The lines stand for the millions of lines lost because of suicide. #thelinesproject.
Pink: been bullied
Red: been the bully
Green: eating disorder
Yellow: depression
Purple: been in love
Blue: gay/lesbian/bisexual
Orange: broken hearted
Black: suicidal thoughts.

PS: Don't feel special, I'm posting this on all my social media sites <u<


xXCutiePieLuvXx's Profile Picture
*Insert name here*
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hai! I'm Cutie.
I tend to draw a lot of cartoons, and I'm a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
I also love anime, and it's one of my favorite things to draw.

My art is both digital and traditional, and my digital is either drawn with my graphics tablet or my iPod.

Besides drawing, I love to voice act, sing, play instruments and well... be a complete idiot at times. It's just part of who I am really, and I'm proud to be myself.


Best friends [FromSchoolAndShiz] : LightningFlash26 & StarPop14
Best fake but I wish she was my real sister: WoonaDashie
Best fake Mom: xBlueSkeii
Probably the most annoying fake older brother ever, but eh {You know I don't mean it Onii-chan~ <3} : Zackthewerewolf
My favorite Attack on Titan spazzes: AliceCnNya & NightXMoonXDream
The person who can beat me at anything: Crazystarkitty
My spazzy friend who draws WAAAY better than me: Taokou
The one person who actually understands my obsession for Discord: SonicMaster93

I'd be a mess without you guys, I love you all so much <3

And now for the fan buttons <3

Musical Bronies Button - WT, MM, LT by NightyArtz
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